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Michael O'Mahony's Performance at Arcadia Missa

This event was part of the O'Mahony | Dowling | Page exhibition at Arcadia_Missa, part of the Open Office (A_M O-O) series.
Sculptures by Dowling & Page, performance Michael O'Mahony.
Michael O'Mahony worked for 2 days in the Arcadia_Missa gallery to write the script for his performance - in response to the works of Dowling & Page in the space, and as a sequel to past performances.

London Peckham

Performance by Michael O'Mahony
Sculptures by Aislinn Dowling, Christopher Page
Interview 1 by Rozsa Zita Farkas
Interview 2 by Boldizsar
Film by Boldizsar
Titles by Masaki Miwa
Music by Kolben/Weltwirtschaft (topnice.org)

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